Young at Heart: How the SBP Team Keeps Curious

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Sure, growing old is a reality of life. But growing up? That’s entirely optional. On the SBP team, we pride ourselves on demonstrating a youthful energy that infiltrates every aspect of our lives, from imbuing even the most serious situations at work with a lighthearted vibe to engaging in some serious fun after hours (okay fine, and during—haven’t you seen our bar at the SBP office?). And despite the age range on our team, we all share the same fervor to stay forever young. Below, get a glimpse of everyone’s tips and tricks to keep curious and fight the mundaneness of maturity. To sum it up: don’t grow up. It’s life’s greatest trap.

F. Ron Smith

What’s the secret to F. Ron’s agelessness? It’s simple—a morning work out combined with the effort to stay present, both for his loved ones and coworkers and, quite literally, in the moment. It also helps that the SBP team is amongst the most entertaining and prolific in the biz—which, of course, keeps his curiosity consistently well-fed.

David Berg

Nothing keeps David Berg younger than having three little ones running around. As for curiosity? No one keeps Berg more curious than F. Ron Smith. Every day is a new, unexpected adventure for the team’s leading partners in crime.

Robert Morton

Morty swears by Baboon Placenta Therapy to stay young and fresh. Okay, maybe not—but he could be onto something. This is LA after all. In all honesty, though, Morty’s kids keep him consistently curious.

Trevor Edmond

What’s the key to Trevor’s youthful energy? He strives to stay in the moment while not getting caught up in what just happened, or what’s bound to happen. Remaining in the now keeps him fresh, even though he claims to be a work in progress. You gotta start somewhere, right?

Nathan Stadler

In the constantly evolving real estate biz, every day is a new and unforeseen exploit. And, well, that keeps Nathan on his toes. By interfacing with an extremely diverse group of clients on the regular, Nathan stays inquisitive and constantly hungry to learn more.

Sewit Eshetu

You’re probably wondering what fountain of youth Sewit is drinking from. But, believe it or not, her sprightly personality is an innate gift. Sewit finds something interesting in almost everything and everyone, which is—of course—enhanced in countless ways by her adorable young boys. According to Sewit, their youthful exuberance fills her heart each and every day.

Rick Torres

How does Rick stay curious? By asking questions. But how does he stay young? By being silly. It’s all so simple, really. Follow Rick’s footsteps and hold tight onto your childlike sense of wonder—it lies within all of us.

Brandon Smith

You’re probably thinking, Brandon is young. Sure, that may be true, but in order to maintain his ever-spry persona, Brandon surrounds himself with older, wiser people who offer both insight and perspective.

Courtney Welsh

There’s nothing quite like having a 20 month old to keep you young. Courtney cherishes the simplest moments with her daughter, like getting into the sandbox, chasing after ducks in Douglas Park and engaging in countless sessions of make believe. This is, without a doubt, the true key to awakening one’s inner kiddo.

Yvette Lopez

Okay, real talk—where would you go to enliven your curiosity? Yvette’s got it nailed down. The answer: nature. Humankind’s truest source of wonderment and fascination, nature is Yvette’s go-to when she’s feeling bogged down. And, to boot, immersing herself in the outdoors evokes a simplistic appreciation that seeps into other aspects of her life.

Hannah Pilkington

Alright, besides heading outdoors, where would you go to be a kid again? Disneyland, obviously. Hannah has an annual pass to the epic theme park, transporting her back to her childhood days. So, if you’re looking for those good, innocent feels, we recommend that you take Hannah’s lead.

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