You’re Probably Drinking Tequila Wrong. Here’s How to Do It

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If there’s one thing that the SBP team has mastered (beyond real estate, obviously), it’s sipping tequila. Seriously, though — we have an entire blog named after it. We’re sorry you had to hear it from us, but you’re probably drinking it wrong, so we’ve rounded up the ways in which you should. It’s officially time to put an end to pouring up sugary margaritas with José Cuervo. Tune into F. Ron Smith’s Instagram Live (@smithandberg) tequila tasting on Saturday, May 5 at 4pm and learn from the best.

Give it 100% (agave, that is)

If your tequila doesn’t specifically say its 100% agave, ditch it. It’s incredibly sugary, which leads to that I’m-never-drinking-again hangover of yours. So stick with the good stuff in these five main categories: blanco,* joven, reposado, añejo and extra añejo.

Need some specific recommendations? We’ve got plenty. Clase Azul Blanco, Dos Artes Añejo, Clase Azul Reposado, Don Julio 1942, Casa Dragones Blanco, Cazadores Reposado — the list goes on, but that’s a stellar starting point for all you tequila novices out there.

Don’t sleep on the glass

Believe it or not, sipping tequila is highly comparable to wine tasting and your sensory experience is dependent on the glass you choose to drink from. So in order to truly nail the art of tequila tasting, reach for a flute (you know you’re not drinking champagne out of them, anyway). But if you don’t have a flute, any glass tumbler will work — especially if it has a tulip shape, like your typical wine glass.

The benefit of a flute is its ability to hang onto the tequila’s delicious aroma at the top of the glass, making it perfect for sniffing prior to sipping. Plus, when pouring it into a flute, you’re able to let oxygen in so the flavors come out. And, last but not least, you can hold the glass at the stem so you don’t warm up the liquid goodness with your hands. It’s about time tequila got a rep for being classy, no?

Take it straight

We’ve said this many-a-time, but we’ll say it again: Don’t. Drink. Tequila. On. The. Rocks. If you’re buying a primo brand (like any of the ones we’ve listed above) it’s an utter travesty to water it down with ice. Sure, if you’re going for the summery Paloma vibe, by all means. But if you’re really trying to enter the tequila realm, stay away from the cubes.

If you want to spice up your next Zoom happy hour or tune into F. Ron’s Instagram Live (@smithandberg) on Saturday, May 5 at 4pm, we’ve curated a thorough guide (which you can print out, email, text, etc.) for the perfect tequila tasting. Simply purchase the blanco, reposado and añejo tequilas that F. Ron carefully selected (which are all under $80) and get sipping.

*Note from F. RonI prefer to buy a more expensive bottle of blanco and drink that on the reg so I don’t get a hangover the next day like I would with the darker tequilas.

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