The SBP Method to March Madness: Play to Win $500

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Create your bracket HERE using the password Tequila for the chance to win $500.

Our prime set up and location at the Smith & Berg Partners office makes it THE place to be for any and all sport watching. With three Samsung 70 inch screens and every sports package imaginable, there’s no better place to cheer for the Kings, Lakers and Dodgers alongside friends and colleagues. But, we don’t shy away from friendly competition, either—especially when it comes to March Madness. Our philosophy is rooted in teamwork, but friendly rivalries add the fuel to our collaborative fire.


With the 2019 NCAA Tournament just around the corner, we decided to up the ante on our giveaway game. Head to our tournament challenge page on ESPN’s website HERE using the password Tequila, create your bracket with the initial 32 match-ups and make your selections for each round. BUT, you only have until March 21st to do so. After that, the ball is literally in our court. Once you’ve submitted your predictions, the lucky guessers will earn points in each round. Be sure to keep track of the leaderboard all the way up to the championship game on April 8th.

Oh, and did we mention the winner gets $500? Let the best baller win.

Check out how to play and the official rulebook before you get started.

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