SBP on How to Design Any Space with Effortless Intention

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We know what you’re thinking — effortless intention seems like quite the oxymoron, but bear with us. No one wants a home that feels forcefully put together, with out-of-place details or in-your-face furnishings. It should feel stylish, comfortable and, above all, effortless. And in order to achieve this? Everything must be thought out with intention. That’s why we had Smith & Berg weigh in on how to create a gorgeously cohesive aesthetic in any room in the house. Grab ahold of their tips below and set out on a path of purpose.

Mix modern and organic designs.

Designing an uncomplicatedly beautiful space requires the perfect balance of modern and natural touches. Take our listing at 16912 Bollinger Drive in Pacific Palisades, for example. The owners added in chunky wooden shelving, chic industrial sconces and a black frame around the fireplace to achieve the most simple yet elevated ambiance in their living room.

Blend it all together.

Creating a “wow” space is all about breaking barriers. With that in mind, who said kitchen appliances need to look the same in every single home? Consider blending everything together by adding wood appliance facings to match the cabinets, just like those in our listing at 745 & 747 Moreno Avenue in Brentwood. Subtle yet innovative.

Create moments of zen.

In order to create an easy, comfortable, free-flowing ambiance, strive to curate various moments of serenity among the house. Whether that’s nailing the feng-shui, opting for simple, natural furniture or even designing a calming meditation spot — much like the one outside at 4122 Vantage Avenue with a tranquil waterfall feature — you’re sure to lighten the vibes throughout your abode.

Design multi-use spaces.

One major component of effortless intent is letting no space go to waste in your home. Everywhere you turn, there should be details that surprise, delight and serve an ultimate purpose. Take a look at 745 & 747 Moreno Avenue again. Thomas James Homes crafted several multiuse spaces that serve as convenient catchalls for coats and shoes, and even designed a tech-center, bill-paying station and homework desk all in one.

Put a luxury hotel twist on your bedroom.

Who doesn’t want their bedroom to feel like a six-star hotel room? One simple way to achieve this is by designing a two-sided fireplace that acts as a barrier between the bed and seating area, much like the one at 591 South Burlingame Avenue in Brentwood. Stunning, but not in your face. Uncomplicated, yet inventive.
591 South Burlingame Avenue

Fancify your guest suite.

Some might say the magic happens in the main suite, but we think the true magic happens in surprising your guests with little, hotel-like details in the secondary suite. Our listing at 1508 Georgina Avenue in Santa Monica is the perfect example. Add in some stellar wallpaper, hang a few robes, deck out the marble-clad bathroom with luxe toiletries. For us, effortless intent is all about a lovely, unexpected surprise.

Go bold with lighting.

It’s undeniable that one bold detail can truly revamp a room. But in order to keep things simple, you shouldn’t go crazy. That’s where statement lighting comes in. A striking light piece has the ability to guide the design and vibe of a room, much like that at 16912 Bollinger Drive in Pacific Palisades. Not much effort, but just enough to redefine a space.

What does effortless intention mean to you? How do you seek to create a simple yet adventurous aesthetic? We’d love to know — reach us at and let’s share our pointers for purposeful design.

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