Why You Should Book Your Summer Travel Right Now

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What have you missed most this last year? We’ll answer for you — travel. Now, with wanderlust at an all-time high, vaccines offering a glimmer of hope and flexible cancellation policies granting total peace of mind, this summer might just be your chance to break free from home and embark on the getaway you deserve — whether nearby or across the pond. So, since all of us on the SBP team are blocking out our calendars in the months ahead, we decided to round up the reasons why you, too, should be booking your summer travel plans right now. Dust off your suitcase and hit the road.

Vaxications are becoming all the rage.

The travel industry has been hit incredibly hard since March 2020, with spending going down a full 42% from 2019. But with the introduction of three promising vaccines (cue the ultimate sigh of relief), people from far and wide are looking to rebook canceled plans and even map out new vacations — otherwise known as vaxications. But there’s plenty of method to this madness.
First off, plan your vacation well after the vaccine rush (which is April 15 in California) to better your chances of receiving one in time. Second, be sure to book any travel 14 days after the required dosage amount to ensure protection. Then? Jet or drive off with ease.

Awesome deals are everywhere…for now.

Like we said, struggling airlines, countries reliant on tourism and luxury hotels across the globe have been desperate for the day we can safely travel again. And now, with vaccines flowing and excitement high, they’re rewarding travelers with unbeatable deals and flexible cancellation policies. First, we recommend downloading Hopper, an app that notifies you of the best flight deals based on your desire location. Then, nail down where you want to go — and keep in mind where you’re allowed.
Baros Maldives | Booking.com
Domestic airfare is up for grabs (and of course you can road trip anywhere), yet some international borders remain closed. As of right now, Americans can travel to these countries with proof of a negative COVID-19 test three days prior to arrival. Just be sure to check for any changing restrictions before flying off. After that, pick a hotel you’ve been dying to stay at — this is finally your time to escape. Most resorts are offering incredible discounts and packages, like 30% off at Baros Maldives as seen on Condé Nast Traveller, for example. BUT, act fast. These deals won’t last forever as more and more people continue to book.

You deserve something to look forward to.

This is probably the best reason of all to plan your summer travel right now. It’s been a remarkably tough year, and while summer is in the distant future, making plans for the dog days will give you and your family something to look forward to now.
For many of us on the SBP team, travel is an integral part of who we are. It allows us to step outside of ourselves, experience new cultures, fuel our longing for both cuisine and the arts. So by carving out time in our busy schedules to do just that? Well, it’s a gift to us, and most importantly, our mental health — and you deserve to do the same. After the trainwreck that was 2020, we all need to treat ourselves to the replenishing getaway we both want AND need.

Where are you headed this summer? If you’re curious about our team members’ best travel deals and hotels, shoot us an email at team@smithandberg.com for some serious summer inspo.

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