6 Non-White Kitchens to Inspire Your Next Remodel

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Listen — we have nothing against white paint, but we’re big believers that adding a pop of color can elevate your decor in a major way. And the best place to get creative? The kitchen. Just ask Founding Partner David Berg who went bold with green in his 90+ year Tudor in Westwood: “In a home as interesting and unique as ours, it was important for us to go with a kitchen design that was just as striking,” he shared. So if you, too, are looking to inject a bit of flavor into your kitchen, we tapped the SBP team for their insights and gathered some serious inspo so you can embark on your next remodel with confidence. 

Jump on the navy cabinet trend.   

Some trends come and go, but navy kitchens? They’re here to stay. Check out the stunning cabinetry at 5209 Louise Avenue and you’ll understand why. Subtly nautical yet distinctively vogue, navy paint is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your kitchen without worrying about a clash of colors or finishes. It pairs immaculately with pretty much anything — brass, silver, wood, you name it. So trust us when we say you truly can’t go wrong with a bit of navy. 

Get moody with darker hues. 

Just take a look at the kitchen at 828 North Gardner Street and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Over the last few years, all-black kitchens have become insanely popular as kitchen designers forgo the typical bright-white aesthetic that’s come to define the modern era. “In a market where buyers complain that new construction often feels uninspired, the kitchen can be a great space to differentiate, and black cabinetry does just that,” Associate Partner Nathan Stadler shared. “At 828 North Gardner, the black juxtaposed with warmer wood elements strikes a beautiful balance between cool and cozy.”

Go grey (without the stress of it all). 

We’re not talking about hair, here. Grey cabinetry has become all the rage in recent months, allowing homeowners to get just a tad creative without sacrificing their kitchens’ classically neutral vibe. Take 868 North Norman Place, for example. The almost-bluish-grey cabinetry in this Brentwood retreat acts as the perfect complement to marble and brass, offering a fresh, soothing aesthetic that’s anything but boring. 

Don’t be afraid to mix it up. 

Alright, we aren’t saying you can never use white again. That would be next to impossible! We’re just suggesting that you amplify white accents with a bit of spice. Check out the two-toned kitchen at 14967 Camarosa Drive for inspiration. It showcases a stunning mix of colors and materials including glass-front uppers, deep-grey lowers and accents of brass, stainless appliances and incredible medium-toned herringbone hardwood floors. It’s an epic combination of hues that should absolutely influence your next kitchen reno.

Get bold with exotic finishes.

Ready to step outside of the box in your kitchen? Penthouse 38B at Los Angeles’ most esteemed luxury building, The Century, is sure to give you some inspo. “The exotic South American Pau Ferro wood cabinets, Pompeii Gold and Golden Cobra marble countertops, and back-lit glass backsplash behind the stove area create an elevated environment that sets the tone for this unique space,” shared Founding Partner F. Ron Smith. So if opting for distinctive design choices is your MO, consider Penthouse 38B a sign to go big or go home. 

Make natural wood your best friend.

Have you ever seen a prettier kitchen than the one at 1126 Monument Street? Well guess what, you have the power to make yours just as gorgeous. This space embraces the darker-hue trend we touched on earlier, but the use of natural wood that’s been dyed instead of painted is the true winner here. Add in a slate waterfall island, some brass lighting, jet-black stools with wicker backing and a paneled, rustic-wood ceiling and you have the ultimate fusion of contemporary and natural elements to create an inspired and timeless design.

Not sure where to start? We just so happen to have a few tricks up our sleeves. Shoot us an email at team@smithandberg.com and let us guide you along your next kitchen project.

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