6 Home Transformations for Selling Success in 2018

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New year, new home

We can certainly attest to the belief that there’s no place like home. But, just as the years and seasons change, so too do our decorative and homely desires. And, what better way to delve into 2018 than with a fresh, new start? If you’re looking to relocate and begin anew within the next year, consider adding some Smith & Berg funk and flair prior to selling.
We’ve borne witness to countless architectural trends in 2017 and we’re certain that integrating these subtle transformation methods into your home-selling process will totally change the game. But, beware — once you’ve done some sprucing, you may never want to leave.

Make the basement your gym

Wondering what you should do with that extra space in the basement, or perhaps in the upstairs loft? Simple. Don the walls with mirrors, bring in some workout equipment—either new or old—and add a pop of color here and there for an epic home gym.

Decorate your bathroom like a designer

Bathrooms tend to be the most overlooked space in your house, but a minor transformation of do absolute wonders. One of the easiest ways to upgrade your loo is with some sweet subway tiles and exciting wallpaper. Put your designer pants on and get to work.

Make wallpaper your best friend

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: wallpaper has made an epic comeback in the realm of interior design. Once seen as a traditional feature, wallpaper has taken on a wholly contemporary vibe. It’s versatile, easy to install and can dramatically change the aesthetic of a room. Opt for a neutral, textured paper or one that’s vibrant and eye-catching.

Bring the walls to life

Wondering how you can bring your walls to life? Well, you can—literally. The best and most awe-inspiring way to transform bare verticals is with a live plant installation. Whether you wish to enliven the outdoor terrace or bring some natural beauty indoors, look no further than a stellar living wall. We’re so into this transformative technique that we even wrote a blog about it.

Let it rain

Who doesn’t want the soothing, peaceful sound of trickling water as background noise in their everyday lives? Not only are water features entirely chic and elegant, but they provide an unmatched sense of tranquility when placed strategically—whether that be just beyond the master bedroom or the floor-to-ceiling windows of your dining room. This, in and of itself, has us sold.

Rusticate your railings

If you’re looking to appeal to those seeking a modern rustic abode (because, let’s face it, who isn’t?), the simple solution lies in your stairwell. Transform your iron handrails with a charming wood capping to create an industrial-yet-farmhouse-esque aesthetic. Not only is this super easy and affordable to do, but the result will surprisingly sway homebuyers.

From our Smith & Berg family to yours, wishing you the most beautiful holiday season and a wonderful entry in 2018. See you next year—happy home selling!

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