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As expected, politics and religion should likely step away from the egg nog. You know that simply asking "What are your thoughts on the upcoming '24 election?" or "Have you finally found Jesus?" will likely not go well. So, don't go there, unless you want to divide and conquer the holiday spirit.

"Office Christmas Party," Amblin

2. TMI Trainwrecks

Oversharing TMI topics will make people lose their appetite…quick. Keep private matters about your loud neighbors, recent colonoscopy, stomach issues and the like to yourself. We don't need any holiday horror stories — thanks.

“The Holiday,” Prime Video

3. Questionable Life Choices

Yes, we've all seen Cousin Timmy's viral rap video and have some thoughts about Aunt Karen's plastic surgery. But tearing into each other’s questionable life choices is unnecessary roughness when we're gathered to celebrate. Keep that penalty flag in your pocket!

"Office Christmas Party," Ruthless Reviews

4. Inappropriate Behavior Bloopers

Belching the alphabet or showing off your twerking skills may seem fun after a few old fashioneds, but reel it in. Inappropriate behavior always backfires when grandma's in the room. Let’s just say some things can't be unseen. 

“Meet the Parents,” Decider

5. Debbie Downer Family Drama

The holidays tend to dredge up old family grudges and baggage, but rehashing it at the party won't spread cheer. Whether Uncle Dave is still doing jail time, Cousin Megan is divorcing hubby #3 or Sister Susan disapproves of Dad’s new haircut — just let old drama lie. Move on to merrier melodies, like a fun family holiday singalong.

"The Grinch," The Independent

The Verdict: ‘Tis Not the Season for Airing Dirty Laundry

While the holidays mean quality family time, save the juicy topics for more intimate moments — not for dinner parties. Awkward, embarrassing or insulting things just shouldn't be discussed in front of all the cousins, aunts and uncles if you want the holidays to be jolly. Check out Part I and Part II of WTF! You Can’t Say That at the Holiday Table for even more inspo. 

“The Family Stone,” Grateful

What are your funniest dinner table moments? We’d love to know. 😂 Email us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @smithandberg with your craziest holiday tales.

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