Here’s to Mom: SBP’s Mother’s Day Traditions

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While one day simply isn’t enough to celebrate the leading ladies in our lives, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to shower mom with the love and appreciation she so deserves. From cooking up brunch and pouring mimosas to booking a spa day or jetting off to Hawaii, the only thing that really matters is the precious time spent together. Smith & Berg Partners team knows a thing or two about sweet and simple Mother’s Day traditions — all cataloged below.

Thank you to our moms, grandmas, maternal figures and wives for raising us, caring for us, and showing us what it means to love unconditionally. We brought out the baby photos just for you!

F. Ron Smith

Tracy and I invite our family over to the house with a catered breakfast spread and, of course, mimosas. That’s my version of cooking for mom. Brunch is later followed by a walk around the neighborhood.

David Berg

My favorite way to spend Mother’s Day is relaxing at home with my wife and boys — often with a nice glass of wine in hand.

Courtney Welsh

Since becoming a mom, I’ve enlisted my filmmaker husband to do a photo session with me and my daughter. It doesn’t particularly matter what we do that day, as long as we’re together as a family and I have photos from the day to cherish. Of course, a mimosa in hand is always a perk!

Trevor Edmond

Our wedding anniversary is May 12th, which usually falls right around MotherS Day. We were married in Hawaii so we usually go there each year to celebrate both Mother’s Day and our anniversary. In fact, we’re in Hawaii right now! It’s our 10-year this year! 

Robert ‘Morty’ Morton

Growing up in New York City, Mother’s Day was about eating a great meal and spending time together as a family.

Nathan Stadler

Recently, my wife has been pregnant every Mother’s Day. She’s a full-time mom and attorney, so we do our best to give her some much-needed and well-deserved REST.

Sewit Eshetu

I love spending time with my family. There’s nothing better than a relaxing day at home with my family, finished off with an early dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Venice.

Bobby Neely

Growing up we would always go to church and do brunch to celebrate my mom, Opal Neely.

Parisa Schnider

We love going to Martha’s in Hermosa Beach. There’s nothing better than being together, eating pancakes and spending time on the beach. 

Ryan Bergum

We don’t have a tradition, per se, since my mom is very easygoing and simply enjoys being around her family. There are five of us children (not to mention several dogs and chickens) so just getting us all in one place is enough for her! 

Katy Yambao

I love being able to treat my mom a little extra special on Mother’s Day and remind her how much we love her and appreciate her. Mom’s truly are the glue that holds us all together. Looking forward to being able to spend Mother’s Day this year with my mom in person since she lives in Cali now.

Oliver Maniquis

Celebrating Mother’s Day is one of our happiest weekends as a family. Our family tradition commences with us going out to Knott’s Berry Farm at their annual Boysenberry Festival, which is followed by road trips across the U.S. or to a West Coast state throughout the summer. We took a pause in 2020 but returned to form in 2021, and are poised to hit the road in 2022 and beyond. We never fail to reach out to our children’s grandma’s and usually celebrate them with a FaceTime call during Sunday brunch. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s in the world! It is truly amazing to celebrate our superhero at home — our moms.

Andres Vargas

My family’s tradition is brunch all together, followed by a day at the spa. 

Brandon Smith

Bagels and lox have become a fixture in our Mother’s Day tradition. And some champagne never hurts.

Garrett Sanders

My brother and I love treating mom to Mother’s Day brunch, which is only complete with her favorite drink: a Bloody Mary. Cheers!

Krista Masella

My mom spent years traveling for work, so Mother’s Days celebrations were sometimes celebrated over the phone. However, when we’re together, we love going wine tasting, whipping up a great meal or just hanging out with our pups! Love you to my mom and all the fabulous moms out there!

Wishing all the moms out there the perfect day with family and friends!


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