How to Create the Ultimate Home Gym Without Breaking a Sweat

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As we continue to hunker down at home, we’re regrettably left without access to our usual gyms, studios and even outdoor spaces. And while motivating ourselves to work out at home is no easy feat (because let’s get real, snack-pack > six-pack), many fitness gurus are helping us stay in shape via apps and social media. So, whether you have a home gym or not, find our top tips and tricks for creating an inspiring space to sweat — without totally breaking a sweat doing so.

Invest in quality equipment

Back in January, we wrote a blog about how to jumpstart your health resolutions from home — and, well, that might just be foresight at its finest. On the SBP team, we’re all for investing in state-of-the-art workout equipment, like the Peloton bike or treadmill, Tonal or Mirror. And if you’re not in the mood to splurge? Up the ante on your sound system so you can transport yourself to Barry’s Bootcamp without leaving your living room.

Deck it out with art

You want to feel inspired when you’re working out, right? Sorry to say it, but that pastel landscape painting might not do the trick. So, if you have a dedicated sweat space or home gym, consider decking out the walls with vibrant graphics, a letter board with encouraging mantras or even photographs of your favorite athletes. The Last Dance has us thinking about getting an epic Michael Jordan dunk shot — what about you?

Let your OCD tendencies run wild

Breaking a sweat at home can be tricky with little ones running around, colleagues calling you every 20 minutes and food cooking on the stove. Ease the blow by installing floating shelves or getting an accessory tray so you can have your towel, phone, timer, baby monitor, etc. at the ready. Not only that, organizing your home gym with chic, aesthetically pleasing pieces might also just inspire you to work out even more.

Keep it light, bright & airy.

The vibes in your home gym — whether that’s your garage, bedroom, kitchen or, for the lucky ones, full-on gym space — are highly dependent on the light entering the room. Make sure you have a healthy amount of sunlight filtering through large windows or doors, which (now that we’re on that topic) should be open to let in a good spring breeze. Or, if you’re missing the dark, eclectic studio vibe, get some LED light strips, hue lights or DJ lights to create a rockstar ambiance.

How are you breaking a sweat at home? Send us photos of your converted space at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to share on Instagram @smithandberg.

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