See Ya, 2020! What We’ve Learned and What’s Up Next

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We all started 2020 off the same way — hopeful, optimistic, ready AF to accomplish anything thrown our way. Then, BOOM. Everything changed with the blink of an eye. And while this hasn’t been our favorite year, all of us on the SBP team have learned a great deal about ourselves, what we want in life, what no longer serves us and just how we can move forward to experience the most kick-ass year yet. Read up on our biggest takeaways and resolutions, and let’s kick off 2021 right (for REAL this time).

F. Ron Smith

One of the biggest lessons I learned in 2020 was that everything tastes better on the grill. And my New Year’s resolution? BBQ more.

David Berg

A great lesson I learned from 2020 find joy is every moment. The pandemic has created a great opportunity to get closer to the ones you love. One of my biggest resolutions for 2021 is to take some time to study and brush up on my Spanish.

Robert ‘Morty’ Morton

The greatest lesson I learned in 2020 is that even the simplest of things that we often take for granted aren’t in our control. My New Year’s resolution is to live 2021 twice as hard to make up for 2020.

Trevor Edmond

The greatest lessons I learned in 2020 were to show kindness and care — you never know what people are going through, and those have turned out to be the two best tools in my shed. And my main goal for the new year is to stay focused on my purpose in the midst of adversity.

Sewit Eshetu

The greatest lesson I learned in 2020 was to not take everything for granted. It all can be gone in a second. And my biggest resolution for 2021 is to slow down and spend quality time with loved ones.

Nathan Stadler

This year taught me the importance of good habits and a routine. During a time that has been so chaotic and unpredictable, those are things you can really lean on. I’m such a cliche, but in 2021, I plan to carve out more time to focus on my health and exercise.

Hannah Pilkington

It sounds so simple, but the greatest lesson I learned in 2020 was to breathe, practice gratitude for every moment we have on this earth and do things that I absolutely love. This year truly taught me that slowing down to appreciate the small beauties in life is not only okay but extraordinary and necessary. And my biggest goal for 2021 is to work on my golf swing! I’m practicing at the driving range currently, but by the end of 2021, I want to play a 9 hole round — and win!

Rick Torres

The greatest lesson I learned this year was to adapt, which was a change for me as I like my routines. I’m not usually big on resolutions, but I want to continue to stay focused in 2021 — both personally and professionally.

Courtney Welsh

This year, I learned that I cannot control everything happening around me but I can control my reactions to it. As for my resolutions, I want to read more, learn more and continue the good habit of working out because it brings me so much joy and strength — both in the mind and body.

Brandon Smith

As elementary as it sounds, the greatest thing I’ve learned in 2020 is to breathe during times of stress. It’s a cure-all. And my biggest resolution for the new year is to say yes (once we’re finally able to). No more taking life for granted.

Krista Masella

The greatest lesson I learned in 2020 was adaptability. This is an important lesson because, as we’ve also learned this year, life can throw anything at you at any time and it’s important to be as prepared as you can. When the going gets tough, reevaluate and keep moving forward. And my New Year’s resolution is to get better at roller skating. I bought a pair of skates this year as a fun outdoor activity I could get involved in solo and I really enjoy it! But I have to admit, I definitely need more practice!

Katy Yambao

The biggest lesson I learned in 2020 was to live in the moment and appreciate the now because nothing is guaranteed — you really never know what’s coming next. I have the same resolution every year but, especially after 2020, it’s to travel more. Traveling may look different next year (less flying, more driving) but I want to get outside, explore more and see some bucket list places I haven’t checked off yet.

Ryan Bergum

The greatest lesson I learned in 2020 is to be intentional with everything we do, as it creates balance and direction. My New Year’s resolution for 2021 is to drink more water. As simple as that sounds, there are many health benefits to consuming the proper amount of water, like improving exercise performance and even managing daily anxieties.

Parisa Nikzad

The only thing we can’t stop is time. What makes the biggest difference in our lives is how we spend it, and I’ve learned in 2020 that I want to spend the time I do have with those closest to me. In 2021, I want to continue learning about subjects that inspire me and working on endeavors that will have a meaningful impact.

How are you carrying your biggest lessons from 2020 into the new year? We’d love to know — shoot us an email at [email protected] or tag us in your New Year’s post @smithandberg. Cheers to a happy and healthy 2021.

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