These Are the 12 Shows You Can't Miss This Spring

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California officially has a rainy season, folks! All this snuggle weather has us thinking more and more about the return of our favorite shows and a few brand-new ones too. So we dug into all the juicy details for you and created this guide to the 12 must-watch shows for Spring. So cozy up, max out your streamer subscriptions, and get ready for some binge-worthy entertainment! 🍿🎬

Sewit & David's Pick | Ted Lasso

WHAT: An American football coach lands in England to manage a soccer team and shakes up their world with his (naive, hopeful) brand of optimism. A feel-good show we didn’t realize we were craving.
WHEN: Jump In! Season 3 Premiered March 15 

Why do I look forward to the return of Tad Lasso? Because I’m a big fan of mustaches, and an even bigger fan of Ted’s unconventional coaching style and relentless optimism. —David Berg

Robert's Pick | Love & Death 

WHAT: Suburban utopia, an extramarital affair, a brutal murder... Which one of these is not like the other? Based on a true story, HBO’s new limited series is bound to instantly have you hooked.  
WHEN:  Three Episode Premiere on April 27 (followed by one episode each week through May 25)

I’m looking forward to David E. Kelley’s new show “Love and Death.” How can you not love a show that is described like this: “Two churchgoing couples enjoy small town family life in Texas - until somebody picks up an ax.” As an aside, in the 1980’s, I was asked by a friend to meet with a young law student looking to get into television. I advised him to stick with the law…Yup, he was David E. Kelley. —Robert Morton

Ron's Pick | Shrinking

WHAT: A grieving therapist throws all ethics out the window in favor of a radical new approach: bold, unfiltered honesty. Best policy or recipe for disaster? Tune in to find out. 
WHEN: Jump In! Season 1 started January 23 … so okay, not actually Spring, but if you watch it now, it will be your favorite show this Spring. 🤪

Shrinking is an emotional roller coaster ride with a truly likable ensemble cast. They navigate the same complex emotional issues as their patients and friends. Last but certainly not least, their dysfunction makes me feel good about myself. —F.Ron Smith

Trevor & Oliver's Pick | The Mandalorian 

WHAT: Star Wars nerds, rejoice! After the fall of the Galactic Empire, a lone gunfighter makes his way through the outer reaches of the galaxy, protecting his identity and a small child along the way. 
WHERE: Disney+
WHEN: Jump In! Season 3 Started March 1

Growing up, Star Wars was everywhere. I even waited in line on Wilshire Blvd for 4 hours to be one of the first to watch Empire Strikes Back in 1982. As an adult, I still like to geek out on the Star Wars universe. Only now, I do so from the comfort of my living room snuggled up with my daughters.  Boba Fett's evolution into the Mandalorian series has been a delight. Plus, who doesn't love Baby Yoda???  —Trevor Edmond

Parisa & Brandon's Pick | Succession

WHAT: Does this show need an introduction? The most ruthless and power-hungry family in television history returns yet again to prove that all the money in the world can buy mega yachts but can't buy happiness. For the final season, expect the highest level of drama. 
WHEN: Season 4 Premieres March 26

My must-watch show for spring is the final season of Succession. I’m curious to see who out of the colorful characters takes the throne in this epic Shakespearean series. —Parisa Schnider

Krista's Pick | Swarm

WHAT: A little fan obsession can take one a long (and violent) way. A thrilling story of a Houston-based fan who goes to increasingly brutal lengths for her favorite R&B singer. 
WHERE: Amazon Prime
WHEN: Jump In! Debuted on March 17

Just saw the trailer for the upcoming debut of Donald Glover's new limited series Swarm and I'm already scared. I really enjoy Glover's voice as a creative and am sure this fandom gone-too-far thriller will be an original take. I'll definitely be tuning in! —Krista Masella

Bobby's Pick | Snowfall 

WHAT: It’s 1984 and the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles is on the rise. What follows is a riveting struggle for money, power, and influence that has a radical impact on the characters – and the culture we know today. 
WHEN: Final Season Streaming Now

Producers Thomas Schlamme (West Wing) and the late John Singleton (Boyz n the Hood) have created a legitimate knockout depiction of how federal authorities (C.I.A) championed a young African-American male while flooding the streets of Los Angeles with a tsunami of crack cocaine. It's a chilling and important portrayal and I highly recommend you jump into it! —Bobby Neely

Natalie's Pick | You 

WHAT: Ever knew you could empathize with a serial killer? In that case, you’ve never watched You, the gruesome yet addictive story of globe-trotting psychopath with a penchant for beautiful women. 
WHERE: Netflix
WHEN: Season 4 Streaming Now

This show delivers a full package.The writing, the talent, the storyline and, most importantly, the way each season continues to keep you on the edge of your seat, which is no small feat for this style of show. Penn Badgley does an incredible job of making you feel empathy for his character, all the while knowing that he’s actually a psycho. —Natalie Gurevitch

Courtney's Pick | Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

WHAT: Queen Charlotte, everybody’s beloved Bridgerton badass, gets a prequel! Tune in to watch the young queen rise to prominence and power, while her marriage to King George makes for a beautiful love story. 
WHERE: Netflix 
WHEN: Coming in May

The true love between Queen Charlotte and King George III has been expertly teased in the previous 2 seasons of Bridgerton and deserves to be fleshed out in a show of its own. Plus, I love a good prequel, especially when done right. With Shonda Rhimes at the helm, Queen Charlotte is sure to be a delight. —Courtney Welsh

Garrett's Pick | Schmigadoon! 

WHAT: A backpacking couple get trapped in Schmigadoon, a magical musical town that they can't leave without finding true love. Expect lots of laughter, love, and the best musical theater outside of Broadway. 
WHEN: Season 2 Premieres on April 7

As a musical theater junkie, Schmigadoon! caught my eye in Season One, and I’m excited for Season Two! The cast has some great comedians and veteran Broadway actors – shout-out to Kristin Chenoweth and Alan Cumming, two of my faves. It's always fun to see more musical comedy TV series, like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, and this one feels like a love letter to the genre. Can't wait! —Garrett Sanders

Katy's Pick | Yellowjackets

WHAT: A psychological thriller with an all-female cast? Sign us up! A team of talented high-school soccer players survive a plane crash in the Ontario wilderness, only to then pay a hefty price with their sanity. The series chronicles their efforts to stay alive – and covers their lives 25 years later. 
WHERE: Showtime
WHEN: Season 2 Premieres on March 24

I'll be tuning in to the new season of the Emmy Award winning series, Yellowjackets. This psychological thriller is based on real events and sure to keep you at the edge of your seat. I highly recommend you binge Season 1 now before Season 2 premieres at the end of March! —Katy Yambao

Nathan's Pick | Sports Over Everything!

Does Dodgers baseball count?  —Nathan Stadler

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